Searching for the Mojave River

Normally I walk in the desert, but today I decided to go in search of the Mojave River. I walked through city streets not really expecting to find a way to the water, but as I ambled along the house-lined street parallel to the river, I happened to see a narrow passage between two houses, and feeling adventurous, I sidled through the gap.To my surprise, I found myself in a wilderness.

I followed a path until it ended.

Picked my way across shifting sands and did not stop to explore the rustlings I heard in the underbrush. I was not feeling that adventuresome!

And there it was — the Mojave River in all its majesty. Well, perhaps not majesty. There’s nothing particularly majestic about brown water. But it was a river. With trees!

Today I will be . . .

Gazing at Gazanias

Until this spring, I’d never seen this gorgeus orange and yellow striped daisy-like flower, but it has quickly become a favorite of mine. It’s formal name is Gazania, but it is also known as a treasure flower. And what a treasure! It tolerates poor soils, high heat, drought, the floliage stays green year round, and it only needs to be watered twice a month. Even I could care for a plant such as that, but for now I will stick to gazing at my neighbors’s gazanias.

A Once or Future Civilization

On a recent walk in the desert, I found a two lane road, which seemed out of place compared to the cart tracks I usually see. The road dead ends in the desert, but at one time someone must have had plans for it. I’ve found several signs of civilization — a water main (perhaps), a sign post, realtors sign, a ruin of a house, a log that was obviously cut by a sophisticated implement, a footprint (okay, the footprint is mine, but who’s to say when exactly I placed my foot on the road — perhaps it’s a relic of the future. Or perhaps not.) Come follow the yellow sand road with me.

A Peek at Peaks

There is no lack of peaks around here — roof peaks, mountain peaks, hill peaks — so today I hunted for perfect shots of peaks echoed against peaks. I hope you enjoy this peek at the treasures I found.

Treasure Hunt — Distant Scenes

The last time I posted photos of the treasures I found on my walks, I focused on color — specifically close-ups of flowers. Today’s treasures are distant scenes. (What is the opposite of close-up — far-downs?) Thank you for accompanying me on my virtual walk.


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